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Destruction: The Only Real Data Breach Protection Available

Physically Destroy Your Hard Drives & Digital Devices for 100% Protection

When you handle a hard drive, smartphone or any other form of digital device, you are holding the equivalent of millions of printed pages of data in the palm of your hand.

Why would you simply send it to the recycling plant without having it destroyed? You need professional help to securely destroy these devices and have the pieces properly recycled, which Pure Data does on a regular basis.

Call & Schedule Service before a Breach Happens

Do yourself a favor and call us before you lose control of all that sensitive and valuable data.

Upon request, we'll give you a detailed Certificate of Destruction including each hard drive's serial number so you can prove it was destroyed.


Professional Document Shredding Services

Hard Drives
Hard drives, whether from desktops, laptops, or external storage, contain vast amounts of sensitive data and require professional destruction to prevent data breaches.
Smartphones and Tablets
These personal devices store a wealth of personal and corporate data, making their secure destruction crucial for maintaining privacy.
USB Drives & Memory Cards
Often overlooked, USB drives and memory cards are small but can hold sensitive information that necessitates thorough destruction.
Servers and Network Equipment
Servers and networking devices not only store data but also have configurations and access credentials that must be securely eradicated.

Our Process: Secure, Professional, and Thorough

How Our Hard Drive & Data Destruction Process Works

At Pure Data Services, we understand the critical importance of data security in today's digital world. Our Hard Drive and Data Destruction service offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that your confidential information remains private, even after your devices have reached the end of their lifecycle. Here's a detailed look at our professional and secure data destruction process:

At Pure Data Services, each step of our data destruction process is meticulously designed to provide security, compliance, and peace of mind. Trust us to be the guardians of your data privacy, today and in the future.

Why companies need to properly destroy hard drives & digital data

of Used Drives Contain Recoverable Data
Research shows that a staggering 85% of second-hand hard drives sold online still contain recoverable data from previous owners. This statistic underscores the critical need for thorough data destruction before disposal.
Average Cost of a Data Breach
The average cost of a data breach for companies now stands at $3.86 million, highlighting the significant financial implications of failing to securely destroy data.
Increase in Data Theft from Improper Disposal

Professional shredding services recycle nearly 100% of shredded paper, contributing to a reduction in deforestation and a positive environmental impact, aligning with corporate sustainability goals.

of Companies Fail Compliance Audits for Data Disposal
Around 60% of companies fail to pass compliance audits due to inadequate data disposal practices, demonstrating the compliance risks associated with improper data destruction.
of Information Security Incidents Involve Human Error
Human error accounts for 95% of all information security incidents, emphasizing the importance of a reliable and professional data destruction service to mitigate risks.
Fine for Improper Disposal of Sensitive Data
Companies can face fines up to $150,000 for improper disposal of sensitive data, illustrating the legal and financial repercussions of inadequate data destruction practices.

Why We're the Best in the Biz

Why Choose Pure Data Services for Document Shredding

Comprehensive Security
Pure Data Services employs a multi-layered security approach, ensuring that all aspects of data destruction are secure from collection to disposal.

Regulatory Compliance

Our services are fully compliant with international data protection regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and FACTA, safeguarding you against legal ramifications.
Customized Solutions
We offer tailored data destruction services that align perfectly with your specific business needs and the types of devices you use.
Environmentally Responsible
Pure Data Services is committed to eco-friendly practices, ensuring all device remnants are disposed of in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Certified Destruction
We provide a Certificate of Destruction for all services rendered, serving as a legal record of your compliance with data destruction standards.
Expertise and Reliability
Our team of experts brings years of experience in data security, offering reliable and professional services that you can trust.

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