Katie and Her Dog, Ziggy

Katie Chambers, owner of Pure Data Services, a Shredding Company located in Detroit Michigan

Katie's Story

Several years ago I replaced the computers and network in our large office. At the end of the project I asked the provider what they would do with the old equipment we had replaced, and—more importantly—what would happen to the information on the hard drives. They offered no solution, and having decided not to hand the hard drives over to them, I was left with a closet full of electronics and a lot of sensitive information to protect. If I had this problem, I knew I wasn’t alone; many others did too. So, I set out to find a solution and ended up creating one: Pure Data Services! Businesses, government offices and individuals frustrated with the buildup of documents and electronics containing sensitive information now have a local resource for securely destroying that information.

Ziggy The Dog From Pure Data Services in Detroit Michigan

Ziggy's Story

Meet Ziggy Stardust, a Glen of Imaal Terrior, and yes—named after David Bowie’s alter ego.

Ziggy is a working Terrier who is incredibly strong with a jaw powerful enough to chew through your data! Hailing from the County Wicklow in Ireland, Glen of Imaal dogs were bred to be “stable as a rock with courage and tenacity to execute his authority and the instinct to know when to use it.” Ziggy certainly lives up to his heritage. On our premises, Ziggy will greet you, guide you and protect you. In his spare time, he enjoys riding in a golf cart and attending dog parties at the old Tiger Stadium at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.