Hard Drive Destruction

Have Your Hard Drives & Digital Devices
Physically Destroyed for 100% Protection

Destroyed Hard Drive from Pure Data Services in Detroit Michigan

Destruction: The Only Real Data Breach Protection Available

When you handle a hard drive, smartphone or any other form of digital device, you are holding the equivalent of millions of printed pages of data in the palm of your hand. Why would you simply send it to the recycling plant without having it destroyed? You need professional help to securely destroy these devices and have the pieces properly recycled, which Pure Data does on a regular basis.

ErasingDegaussingBendingHammering is not enough for your protection.

Call & Schedule Service before a Breach Happens

Unfortunately, many of the data breaches making news these days could have been easily avoided. We get calls all the time from IT professionals who have amassed a whole box of hard drives and removable media that have been sitting in a box out in the open, stored with the power strips and extra mice that their co-workers help themselves to all day.

Do yourself a favor and call us before you lose control of all that sensitive and valuable data. 

We'll even give you a detailed Certificate of Destruction including each hard drive's serial number so you can prove it was destroyed.

Hover to learn about SSD (Solid State Drives)

SSD (Solid State Drives) present a security risk that most shredding companies are not equipped to handle. Pure Data is up to the task. 

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Your crew took away ALL our stuff! Wooohoooo! I can walk in my office now.! You have a great staff!!! Thank you so much.

- Carol M. and the Pack Rats

We have been using Pure Data for all our shredding needs at my agency over the past year. They are by far the best at their job, very flexible on pick up dates and whatever else we need. I have even had other close by companies switch from shed it to Pure Data because we love them so much.

- Dan M., Insurance Agency

Pure Data Services has been an excellent partner for our document shredding needs. They are top notch in security, cost and customer service. Pure Data Services also donates their time and resources to give the members of the community the opportunity to shred their personal documents and protect themselves from potential fraud and identity theft during our annual Shred Day event. We consider our partnership in these efforts invaluable and look forward to continuing our great relationship with Pure Data Services.

- Valerie