CSR Readiness® Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

Securing Personal Data and Preparing for a Breach

CSR Readiness 3 Step Process:

1) Review - Take a Self-Assessment Evaluation

  • Detect all locations of personally identifiable information (PII) in an organization
  • Determine how PII is:
    • Acquired
    • Accessed
    • Handled
    • Transmitted
    • Stored
    • Destroyed

2) Revise - Implement Readiness Policies and Remediation Instructions

  • Remediate weaknesses and train employees following system-generated policies and procedures.

3) Revisit - Continually Improve Risk Score

  • Routinely monitor and audit performance to meet legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements.

    A dashboard will show progress and generate tasks to improve compliance. You can improve your business risk scores by remediation and implementation of further program offerings. Upon successful completion of the analysis and remediation, your business will earn a Certificate of Completion and the ID Stay Safe Digital Seal that you can use on your website and advertising.


Requirements to Protect Data

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